Preparation for life or Preparation for school??

Does every school prepare the child for the future? Most often not! Does every Montessori centre prepare the child for the future? Depends….

Dr. Montessori did not franchise her work and thus the name Montessori can be used for any program. Training programs differ too. To mention just a couple, in an authentic Montessori, children become independent, focussed and self-disciplined individuals.
Dr. Montessori, the founder of the Montessori Method of Education, created a recipe that if applied while maintaining the integrity of every ingredient brings out the true potential of the child in a wholesome way.

One would have to see to believe the calm, happy, satisfied, concentrated child in a Montessori Early Childhood setting. The main ingredient that creates this culture in the classroom being ‘freedom’. Freedom to choose, move and respond to one’s innate desires.

Imagine your childhood – would you have wanted freedom to move, choose and work with activities of your interest. Did you just say, “Wow I’d love that, BUT, how would my child then learn to read, write and do math, what kind of discipline would that be?” The Montessori method and philosophy when applied in its truest essence brings about unbelievable results! Children by the age of 6 are working on Math and Language work that is generally Grade 3 Elementary work. That complemented with a love for learning, self confidence and high levels of respect of everything and everyone is an incomparable programme that does indeed prepare the child for ‘life and leadership’.

An authentic Montessori environment does not just consist of Montessori materials. Observe the levels of engagement while permitted to move freely, independence and satisfaction of the children and that ought to be a good indication of the strength of the programme.

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