Back to work – tips for early childhood educators

Returning to work will have its challenges especially for teachers, child care workers and early childhood educators.  Here are some tips to support you with this period:

  • Teachers have an innate desire to always be supportive of their students.  Self care is paramount.  Find ways that energize and calm you.  Know what you can do from home and what you can do at work. For example, breathing exercises are very relaxing and rejuvenating and can be done anywhere – you might choose to include your students in some of your calming exercises.
  • Prepare yourself for the changes in your routines and classroom management
  • Pay particular attention to each individual child’s needs.  This will help you understand and plan better.
  • SHOW SHOW AND SHOW – Show the children what they need to do.  Telling and discussing can be very abstract.  Showing is concrete!
  • Have discussions with the children and especially have them do art around their emotions.
  • Visuals are a great way to have students understand expectations.  Be creative in discussing Covid 19 related matters.

Most importantly – remember:

We are in this together and how we make a difference in each child’s life – every single day!

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