Why Choose Us

The founder of the Montessori Method of Education, Dr. Montessori did not franchise her work. As such, there are many Montessori programs, not all of them following this method authentically. Montessori Learning Centre ensures the training and values of the teachers we employ to be of high caliber and consistent with the practices and values of the method and philosophy. Remaining true to spirit of Montessori is integral to the success and development of the child.

Our primary goal at Montessori Learning Centre is to ensure developing the ‘whole child’. This refers to the growth in all aspects of the child including: social, emotional, literacy, intellectual, cognitive, physical. We go through thorough processes prior to registration to determine the needs of the child. Meeting the individual child’s needs in paramount to us and is just as important that parents appreciate the program we offer and that we are the right fit to what they are looking for. We DO NOT register children to fill up a spot. Once registered, we expect families to work with us cooperating and willing to support their children if need be. We adopt not just your child but you as a family!

The Benefits of Montessori and Why Choose Montessori!

Montessori Education is quite different from conventional Early Childhood Education. Although it caters to the same age group, there are some significant differences in the approach. MLC takes pride in delivering not just an authentic Montessori program but also in care we provide.

Children engage actively with the activities offered in the classroom and develop high levels of:

  • concentration
  • independence
  • fine and gross motor skills
  • respect for everyone and everything
  • satisfaction and calmness
  • a love for learning
  • self esteem and self confidence
  • self discipline
  • emotional regulation
  • reading, writing and arithmetic skills

The Environment

Our classroom is set up with the sole purpose of engaging children in purposeful activities. Children have an innate desire to move and to engage. There is structure and order in the manner of how the classroom is organized. The materials / activities in the classroom call to the child’s inner desire to touch and explore. Children have the freedom to move and this enhances their fine and gross motor coordination as well as meets their need to move rather than being confined to a chair. Children have the opportunity to actively engage in activities of their choice while they master their movements, develop concentration and a love for learning. The environment fosters respect for everyone and everything and children become satisfied, happy, concentrated and well adjusted members of the class.