An amazing approach to Math with 4-digit addition!

Did you ever struggle with Math at an early age? Many of us learned through abstract experiences; meaning written symbols on the board or paper and we had to make sense of what one ten, one hundred or one thousand actually meant. Research has shown that children and most adults learn best through hands on experiences.

At Montessori Learning Centre, children use materials and manipulatives to gain a deeper understanding of concepts which to many adults would appear to be challenging. Yet these children, barely 5 years old are able to work with difficult concepts such as 4-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Montessori Learning Centre offers children aged 2 to 6 years a rich environment that fosters self confidence, intellectual, social, emotional, language and physical development. Every child is respected for their uniqueness and the teachers and Montessori Learning Centre ensure that they are meeting each child’s needs.

Montessori Learning Centre is an accredited Daycare offering Preschool and Kindergarten full day and half day programs. Through ongoing support and guidance, children at MLC become self regulated and independent individuals – this translating into their lives at home and otherwise.

Parents of Montessori Learning Centre can expect the following outcomes:

  • A love for learning – children look forward to engage in the activities that indirectly offer them cognitive and intellectual stimulation
  • A strong foundation for academic work for Elementary Education
  • Self-discipline – through structure and freedom in the environment children become self regulated and are able to manage their behaviour without external control
  • Social Responsibility – children become empathetic and contribute positively towards their peers
  • Independent – children at MLC are able to conduct many daily skills on their own and as they develop these skills they also become self directed individuals; making decisions and understanding consequences in a healthy manner
  • Creative – children at MLC are offered a variety of activities that will offer them the opportunity to explore, imagine and put into action their own ideas and thoughts. Self expression is a paramount area of the curriculum programming at MLC and as such children become confident at public speaking as well
  • Self-confidence – through self reflective practices and learning from their own errors children become confident and look at failure as a step to success

For more information contact:
Montessori Learning Centre at 5873532888 or [email protected]

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