Training Course Testimonials

What participants of Sherin’s various workshops have to say:
“Your experience and gracious courtesy shine through to your students”

Participant: Aalya

“You are totally amazing. You’ve been absolutely incredible and inspiring. Your presentations and teaching style is excellent!”

Participant: Tannis

“You’re an inspiration for my new Montessori career. You made me laugh and gave me strength through the workshop and I will take my new found knowledge and think of you when I apply it”

Participant: Arzeen

“From one trainer to another trainer – this has been one of the best courses I’ve been on! Your classed were packed with information but there was opportunity to laugh and get side tracked once in a while which was perfect for me”

Participant: Jocelyn

“I have attended two Montessori summer courses tutored by Sherin and completed an Early Childhood Diploma course with Sherin as my mentor/tutor. Sherin is very knowledgeable regarding Montessori philosophies and practices and is able to impart that information to her students. During my diploma course Sherin provided excellent constructive feedback that was fair and insightful. I would recommend Sherin as a tutor to any new Montessorian”

Participant: Shams

“Your guidance during the course has empowered me immensely. You have extensive years of experience and have so much to offer. I am now able to guide my granddaughter in several more effective ways. You always go the extra mile to make our classes enjoyable!”

Participant: Anam

“This course motivated me and gave me a lot of confidence to deal with children at work and with my grandchild as well”

Owner and Director: Jennifer of Mockingbirds kids

“I requested Sherin to deliver a workshop specific to the needs of our program. Sherin asked many questions, listened carefully to my concerns and created a workshop that was tailored to the unique needs of my school. The topics we addressed were relevant and pertinent to our concerns. Sherin was very knowledgeable and was able to deviate from the agenda to address spontaneous concerns that arose. Our teachers left feeling that their professional day was worthwhile with renewed confidence and motivation. Our program has undergone many significant improvements as a direct result of our workshop with Sherin”

Participant: Kamela

“I really enjoyed every minute of the class. I have studied in different parts of the world by different teachers throughout my life. One thing I could sense with you (Sherin) is that you bring life to your method of teaching. You create an environment such that if I missed a class I felt I would miss lots of education. After taking the Montessori course with you I wished I had met you long before I even had my own kids. Thank you so very much for bringing success in to my life by not just teaching but by making me understand about aspects of life and our future generation. Thank you again.”

Participant: Joanne

“Thank you so much for your patience and good humour! I learned so much from your class. Your passion for Montessori has definitely inspired me.”

Participant: Catharina

“I enjoyed learning about your classroom experiences and it is apparent to me that you are a wonderful dedicated Montessori teacher and tutor! You are so true to Maria Montessori’s philosophy and you’ve given me a valuable foundation to embark on my journey as a Montessori teacher”