The Story Alphabet

When a single letter gets built into a word. More words….placing them into a sentence. Learning to use sentence structure with grammar! All at Montessori Learning Centre where children receive care and education they deserve. Preparation for reading and writing begins as early as 2 years. Children learn to set their materials in order from left to right. Working on fun activities that develop their pincer grip for future writing work and building their vocabulary. These activities also develop concentration and respond to children’s need of ‘me do’. While the phonetic approach to reading has fallen out of the school system, it has been long since valued by educators for its effectiveness in teaching children reading. Children learn best through hands on activities. This is their natural state of being – TO BE ENGAGED IN A PROCESS (which one can term as play or work).

Montessori language materials teach the child in a step by step manner always setting the child up for success. This is the foundation pillar of the Montessori Method. ALWAYS SETTING THE CHILD UP FOR SUCCESS! Can you imagine the boost in self esteem when the child can correct their own errors which are generally minor. Through careful observation, the teacher takes the child to the next level of their curriculum ensuring that the child is never feeling unsuccessful. Success breeds success and typically children make a quick jump once they are able to sound the letters of the alphabet and build 3 letter words. Reading three letter words very soon becomes reading sentences. Non phonetic words are introduced and the child begins writing or working on the story alphabet. Grammar is taught in the form of games which the children enjoy as a group. You have to see it to believe how easily this can be taught and how much fun it can be to learn sentence structure.

Montessori Learning Centre offers children aged 2 to 6 years a beautiful, calming and stimulating environment which is the perfect combination for the early years. Research has now shown but Dr. Montessori (the founder of the Montessori Method) based her work on the Absorbent Mind. The sponge like mind the child has from ages 0 to 6 years. During this period children absorb information effortlessly from their environment. This is also a period of development of their psyche which includes all non-physical aspects eg. Personality, temperament, intellect etc. It is imperative that children have the right environment in which to thrive and develop a healthy mind, body and spirit. At Montessori Learning Centre, we nurture the whole child ensuring the spirit of the child is always happy and intact. We have a deep respect for the uniqueness of the child and have created a warm, supportive community of children as learners and their families. The results of this: children who are kind, empathetic, have love for learning, independent and most importantly self disciplined.

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