Special Events

It is not long before it is the end of the academic year!
A Spa Day: Fathers Day is celebrated with vigour and the dad’s participate in the fun and games leaving all the pressures of life behind them!

The big day arrives and the five year old’s graduate!
This is a day of mixed emotions as some say goodbye. We do not miss the opportunity to make the most of this event and party to our hearts satisfaction.


I’m Graydon and I’m going to be your host for ‘thru the seasons’.

When the school year begins in the fall, we are gradually weaned into the program and very shortly we begin ‘show and share’. Ms. Sherin is very ardent about public speaking. She feels it boosts our confidence.

Most of us need these skills at some point in our lives so we may as well start early! Once a week, we practice our presentation skills with our peers through ‘show and share’.

During parent events we get to shine as public speakers. What I like best is each of us plays a different role and recites different lines. This creates a non competitive and team spirited atmosphere.

Just as we get into routine at school, Halloween comes around. Now remember, Montessori is all about staying connected to reality, so our costumes depict real life things. We get to come in costume and talk to our peers about it.


Let me take you to our first formal event of the year – our winter party!

Mums and dads join us for a fun time at school. For some of us this is the first time we meet the other students’ parents.

Ms. Sherin keeps things simple, fun for the children, and entertaining for the parents. It’s the New Year and we are back from a short break.

This is when many of us are working with much concentration. We settle in to work and in February, when everyone else celebrates Valentine’s Day, we get to exchange cards with our peers.


It’s a relief when the bitter cold of Calgary leaves, although I must say, we really do enjoy the snow!

Spring comes by and this takes us to the month of May when we celebrate Mothers Day . By now, we are quite enthusiastic as we have an opportunity to master our craft making skills so that we can make a special surprise for our mums.

Please don’t ask us what we are making as it is very hard for us to keep a secret! We are really quite proud of ourselves!