Making sense of teens!

Ten and One makes Eleven. Children at Montessori Learning Centre will begin to explore with numbers and beads making quantities and numbers 11 to 19, somewhere around the age of 4.5 years. This sets a strong foundation for the child in Math and develops a deep understanding of how numbers and quantities are formed. As opposed to conventional methods where children do not use manipulatives, children at Montessori Learning Centre enjoy using hands on activities to learn about abstract concepts. At a very young age children are working on Math concepts that they generally would only learn in Elementary. As seen in the picture below, this child is able to take apart the tens from the units in the teen numbers 11 to 19 and put it back together in a concrete manner. Not only does this foster cognitive and intellectual development, but also language literacy. Life long skills learned at Montessori Learning Centre go a long way in Elementary education.

Montessori Learning Centre offers top class care and education for children aged 2 to 6 years. The stimulating and relaxing environment creates an ideal environment for children to thrive in all areas of their development such as physical, social, emotional, intellectual and language. Our one classroom centre focuses primarily on the unique needs of each child, and our strength lies in customizing lesson plans and goals for each individual child.

Here is what parents of Montessori Learning Centre say about our program:

“I am delighted by the development I have seen in my child since starting at MLC. He is confident, inquisitive, and always eager to demonstrate at home the new skills he acquired at school. The detailed feedback I receive from his teachers shows the care and attention paid to each child.”
– Zakiah Kassam, current parent of a Kindergarten MLC child

“Where do I begin? [K] started your program in September 2017, since she has started everything has improved. Confidence is a big one [as] she is not afraid to express herself. She asks questions she would of never asked before, her mind is being challenged every day. She is more aware of what and who is around and has amazing manners. She sings songs from beginning to end with such confidence. I am very proud of her and I see an amazing change since she started going to your school. She has a sense of belonging and has made many friends. She loves all the teachers and tells everyone she meets about them. We truly are blessed to have this opportunity for [K]”.
– former parent of a Kindergarten graduate of MLC

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