Looking into ‘Praise’

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A decade ago, Praise in the form of ‘Well Done and Good Job’ was part of Early Childhood training and looked at with much respect. Now research has shown that … Read More


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Dr. Maria Montessori the founder of the Montessori Method of Education did not franchise her work. This has caused much diversity in the Montessori programs offered all around North America … Read More

The Power of Montessori

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For some the word Montessori means respect and freedom. Whereas for others it’s a method of education. Then there are those that have never been exposed to Montessori and I … Read More

The Story Alphabet

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When a single letter gets built into a word. More words….placing them into a sentence. Learning to use sentence structure with grammar! All at Montessori Learning Centre where children receive … Read More

Making sense of teens!

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Ten and One makes Eleven. Children at Montessori Learning Centre will begin to explore with numbers and beads making quantities and numbers 11 to 19, somewhere around the age of … Read More