Drawing: A Wonderful Way To Encourage Creative Self Expression And More

Does your preschooler love to draw? Do you want to help your children learn to express themselves in a healthy, creative way? Giving your child time to draw and practice art isn’t just a fun activity to do with them! Drawing and art-based lesson planning in educational environments can benefit a child in so many ways including creative self-expression. Montessori preschool programs like the one at the Montessori Learning Centre work to help bring forth all of those benefits to truly enrich your child’s development; physically, socially, cognitively mentally, and emotionally. Keep reading to learn more!

What Is Art Provocation And How Does It Help Children?

Art provocation is an organized cue for artists to use and interpret their own way. In preschool, it can be used as a means of helping to understand a child’s perspective and learning to express their thoughts and feelings in a healthy, creative way.

During an art provocation, a parent or instructor will set up a place for the children, providing the necessary materials and the prompt. A prompt can be a question you ask, a short prompt or idea, or a prop of some sort.

If you’re doing this as a group, you’ll notice that many children have different interpretations of your prompt, the prop, or the questions you ask them. Otherwise, it’s actually best to give preschoolers individual prompts that can really excite them.