Preschool Testimonials

Recommendations from parents
Our school parents and former parents are more than happy to contact you for further recommendations. All you have to do is ask us.
“It is not often that a ray of hope and sunshine shines upon us. But you are certainly one ray of brightness that brought light to our children’s education”

Parents: Monica and Alan

“You have been a second mother to my child. You have an uncanny instinct and intuition in understanding the needs of children. You pour your love, care, compassion and soul into caring and working with our little ones”

Parents : Richa and Philip

“These have not only been the best years of my children’s lives with you but also mine. Just like you nurtured my children and taught them the ways of life, you have nurtured my life”

Parent: Shainoor

“You set the bar in Montessori Education!”

Parents: Shamsha and Atif

“My child has grown in so many ways! Thank you and never leave your profession!”

Parents: Noorshina and Richard

“The Montessori approach alongside the guidance of Ms. Sherin has opened a window to a love of learning for my daughter.  I continue to be amazed at my daughter’s ability to learn and grasp new concepts at such an early age.  The unique approach tailored to each child’s needs and abilities has helped my child develop not only self confidence and academic skills but a curiosity and respect for the world and others”

Parents: Rosalind and John

“We can’t express our delight as we see the amazing changes in our child. Thank you for your dedication”

Parent: Joyce and Joseph

“Your school and you are such a big part of our family! We truly appreciate what a wonderful learning environment you have created for our children. It’s clear that this is more than a job and a business for you – it’s your passion and calling!”

Kara and Scott – parent of Little Angels Montessori

“This course motivated me and gave me a lot of confidence to deal with children at work and with my grandchild as well”

Participant: Anam

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"Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual and is acquired not by listening to words but by experiences in the environment"
Maria Montessori